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Carefully read all Civil Suits instructions BEFORE filling out any forms. If you are filing a case on your own behalf (without the assistance of an attorney), you are responsible for all aspects of your case. If you need additional information beyond what is contained in this web site, you may use the Self-Service Center at Mohave County Superior Court. Court clerks cannot give legal advice. If you want legal advice, you must contact an attorney.

Note that when filling out forms from your computer, you should not type information into those parts of the form reserved for the defendant(s) and court staff.

Print out three completed copies of the form and bring them to the appropriate court with your fee. You also may bring ONE completed form and have the court make copies for you. However, you will be charged a copy fee if you ask court staff to copy your forms for you.

NOTE: You can save completed forms to your computer's hard drive. If you want to clear the entire form to start over, click on the reset tab at the top of the page.



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